BismilLahir Rahmaanir Raheem.

These kind of topics needs more explanation so please bear with the length.

Let’s start by pointing out some basic differences between Depression and Sadness. In essence, sadness is part and parcel of human life and part of being “human”. It is a normal human emotion that more or less all human beings experience in different phases in their lives. Even holy personalities like prophets and Messengers such as Moses, Jesus and Muhammad peace be upon them went through deep sadness. This is just like if a bee comes and stings someone, there will be an immediate reaction. The Quran provides ample examples from the lives of different messengers who were the greatest of all human beings that they all went through pain, suffering and the resulting sadness in their lives. From that perspective, we can conclude that sadness is “normal”. According to Islamic teachings, ALLAH Himself claims that it is HE who bestows happiness and sadness base on our obedience and disobedience to HIM:

But still that immense sadness of Prophets and Messengers (PBUT) didn’t stop them from pursuing their missions even more vigorously. Their sadness didn’t result in hopelessness nor in a state of inaction-in other words, they went through periods of sadness but not depression. Depression on the other hand, is characterized by hopelessness, loss of meaning in life, self-worthlessness and feeling of sadness without being able to identify the cause of the gloominess in life. The two states of crying and laughing are unique to the Human being, that no other animals shares, and its purpose is to make us reflect on the realities of life. Everyone experiences symptoms of depression, but when the symptoms remain for two weeks or more it is called clinical depression. However, the Quran teaches us, we have to be careful of many of the symptoms of depression even it is for a short time. Depression is the result of not being able to do what we want. It is a sense of loss of freedom & control. Join me in the evening reminder in shaa Allah we will discuss different types of depressions, and will have solutions to the hopelessness, meaninglessness, self-worthlessness and daily dysfunctional life from an Islamic perspective. May Allah keep guiding us all. Aameen.


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