Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem.

If the second thing that Allah gave the first human being/first Prophet on earth is marriage, then what are you still waiting for? What Is your excuse? Is it money?
Allah promises to enrich married couples from His bounties. Is it unemployment? Allah promises to make a way for you from sources that you couldn’t have imagined? Is it that you have not found the right person? Allah promises to be with the patient ones… Is it tribalism?
Allah said He created us from a single pair of male and female and made us into nation and tribes so that we may know each other.
What then is your excuse for refusing to marry? Is it your fear of heartbreak? The prophet said, what hit you couldn’t have missed you and what missed you couldn’t have hit you meaning whatever happens is within what Allah permits so don’t fear but find someone who fear Allah. Is it because you dislike early marriage and you want to graduate from school before marriage? Allah said, perhaps you dislike a thing but in reality its good for you and perhaps you love a thing but In reality its bad for you. Most of our graduate sisters are worse than our illiterate ones.

Is it because your friends are committing Zina and you want to follow them too? Allah said, if you follow most of the people of the world, they will mislead you away from the path of Allah.

Is it because you want to have your own car/house first? The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, whoever trusts Allah sincerely, Allah will provide for him just the way he provides for the birds who go out in the morning empty and return home satisfied.

Dear single brothers and sisters in Deen, what then is your excuse? Why have you refused to marry? Is it that you don’t believe in the words of Allah or in the hadith of the Prophet (PBUH)? Don’t you know you are not getting any younger? Has the time not come for you to give your parents grand children to carry in their hands or you are waiting for them to die before you marry? Make a good intention to get married this year in shaa Allah and make dua for Allah to aid you and in shaa Allah you will marry and become a better Muslim.
May Allah aid us to marry for His sake and protect our marriages from any satanic influences. Aameen.


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