Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem.

Zina (Fornication) is now the most common act in our Muslim communities today subhaaAllah. This major sin which distances us away from the blessings of Allah is now been taken as a fun game astaghfirullah. The only solution to this is Fear of Allah and marriage. Even though some of those who are married are into adultery, marrying early as possible with TAQWA (Fear of Allah) will do a lot of good for us.

Marriage can be defined as a mutual relationship ordained by Allah for the believers as an act of ibadah(worship) between two people who love, trust, care, understand and respect each other for the sake of Allah so as to attain Jannah, procreate children, fulfill their sexual desires, unite and
enjoy companionship.

The Prophet (SAW) said, there is
nothing better for two people who love each other than marriage
(Jamii tirmidhi). The importance of marriage can be traced back to the early days of Aadam alayhi salam…

When Allah created him, the first thing Allah gave him is knowledge, and the second thing Allah gave
him is marriage. Subhan’Allah.

This shows the significance of Nikkah(Marriage). Aadam alahyi salaam felt lonely, Allaah didn’t give him a TV to watch, he didn’t give him PS3, iPhone, a car or laptop, but Allah gave him our mother in marriage. How can we now hesitate to marry today? Brothers and sisters in Islaam, why are you still single?

Are you not tired of having wet
dreams? Are you not tired of staring at the opposite gender? Are you not tired of attending other
people’s marriage while you refuse or delay to marry? Money is never an excuse, some companions were almost penniless as at the time they married but became wealthy after marriage. With complete fear of Allah you can marry and take care of your wife through a means you never imagined but if you can’t marry, you must stay with complete obedience to Allah seeking HIS help to find the means to marry. If you fall into any disobedience to Allaah, you damages your relationship with Allah and looses His blessings on you.
TO BE CONTINUED in shaa Allah.
May Allah aid us in our efforts to marry for Allah sake and may Allah protect our marriages. Aameen.


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