BismilLaahir Rahmaanir Raheem.

Let’s continue from the first reminder. Getting answers from Him, The One who sees everything, The One who knows all views, The One who has been there from the very beginning, The One who will last for eternity, The One who is Generous and wants to give and created to give…. THIS is the ultimate experience of this life. This is completion, this is fulfillment. This is satisfaction and this is the answer.

This message is for all human beings. This Qur’an that is the direct verbatim message of the Creator is for all human beings. And the generosity and nearness of The Creator is open to all human beings. Just read and listen… Sometimes we follow certain worldly standards about what success is, what happiness is, what beauty is….etc. And we follow fluctuating views and ever changing social norms and human trends, but this will never be a substitute for the real answer. It will always be insufficient. Something will always be missing.

Just like He created us out of nothing, He placed in us a desire to know Him, a desire to seek Him… this is the fitrah (the innate God-given nature) that already knows deep down meanings of love, faith, mercy, justice, beauty… because these are His Names and this is His Essence and He taught us those meanings before any other institute was able to teach us anything. He placed in us a compass that seeks Him. It will never settle unless we’re directed towards Him… and we do that in prayer… we direct our entire beings to Him, asking for meaning and help and guidance. This experience for those who reflect is the most peaceful, most truthful, most satisfactory, most real and most eternal experiences we can have in this life.

So when you are confused, just ask the Creator. We always seek those who are more knowledgeable than us when we need help. How then do we neglect to ask The Most Knowing, The Source of knowledge Himself!

Do we think He is far? He is closer to us than our own consciousness. It might take you a lot of time to explain to someone what is really bothering you or what’s on your mind or why you are asking certain questions. But Him, The Creator… He knows before we speak, He knows before the thought formulates in our minds… He knows even before the heart cries out for Him… so just call on to Him.

And the best place to ask is in sujood (prostration)….this is when the created being is closest to His Creator…it’s not a coincidence then that this surah ends with this:

“Prostrate and draw near to Allah” (96: 19). Allahu Akbar.

Don’t lose those precious moments of connecting with The Originator of our beings, The Source of existence, The Healer, The One Nearer than all others. May Allah keep guiding us all and protect us from any satanic influences. Aameen.

By your brother AbdurRazzaaq (00447966656157, for your questions, preferably on whatsapp only for those who receive my reminders in other groups and on Facebook).


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