Dr Isa Ali Pantami

Shaykh AldulAzeez Alush-Shaykh (May Allaah preserve him upon goodness) voluntarily steps down from delivering ARAFAH Khudbah and leading its Salah, because of his health condition. As a result, Shaykh Abdul Rahman Sudais presented and led the Salah. May Allah accept all our good deeds and forgive our shortcomings,

• 1) Sheikh Abdul Rahman Sudais prayed for the Muslims of Palestine, Syria & Yemen
• 2) Sheikh Abdul Rahman Sudais also prayed for the liberation of Masjid al Aqsa
.3) He also paid tribute to Mufti Abdul Aziz Aal Sheikh for his numerous years of delivering the sermon
• 4) He also prayed for the Ummah to be united on the Quraan and Sunnah
• 5) He also prayed that the hearts of the Muslims be united on goodness
• 6) He also prayed for the honour of the Muslims and Islam
• 7) He also mentioned that Follow the Sunnah of Nabi Sallalahu Alayhi Wasalam and all the Ambiyaa in reciting the best Duas
• 8) He also mentioned that Fear Allah is necessary for the Pilgrims (hujaaj) regarding their tongues, speeches and actions
• 9) He also mentioned that Allah boasts to the angels on this Day that He has forgiven all His slaves
• 10) He also mentioned that this is a great and blessed Day
• 11) He also thanked and prayed for the Saudi King, Amir of Makkah and other officials for their wonderful effort in serving Islam and humanity
• 12) He also warned against raising the banners of politics and division during Hajj
• 13) He also advised the Hujaaj to thank Allah for His favours and ask Him to increase them
• 14) He also admonished and advised the Ulama not to be a means of causing disunity among the Ummah
• 15) He also admonished and addressed parents on the importance of instilling good character and piety
• 16) He also stated and emphasised that the actions of those spreading fitnah in the name of Islam are rejected by the consensus of scholars
•17) He also highlighted the great responsibility that lies on the shoulders of the youth. They should seek knowledge and serve humanity.
•18) He lso warned the Muslim youth against spreading tribulations, chaos and pandemimonium
• 19) He also stated that The Prophet (SAW) combined all of the best qualities and was the best teacher of humanity
• 20) He also highlighted that in practicing justice there is happiness and peace for all and sundry
• 21) He aso expounded that Justice is a pillar of Islam and a commandment from Allah to all mankind
•22) He also admitted that Muslims are going through a very difficult period in the history of this Ummah and they should persevere
• 23) He also mentioned that Islam is the true middle way, meaning “Wasadan”
• 24) He also stated that the Quraan tell us the virtue of saving one life as saving the whole mankind or humanity
• 25) He also reminded us that the human values of Islam, of respecting parents, keeping family ties and honouring neighbours must be maintained and promoted
• 26) He also admonished on the Islamic warnings against Riba/usury and any illegal accumulations of wealth
• 27) He also stated that the only preference given to one over another in Islam is in Taqwa (Piety)
• 28) He also mentioned that Islam advocates no preferences of Arab over non Arab, nor does it give preferences to lineage
•29) He also reminded and empmhasised that the Deen of Islam being perfected on this Day of ARAFAH during the farewell Pilgrimage of the Prophet (SAW)
30) He also stated and mentioned that Islam is the true religion and the only one to be accepted by Allah on the Day of Resurrection
• 31) He finally prayed for Allah’s intervention in our individual and collective challenges.
May Allah make us among the Companions of Firdaus.


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