Revealed: How Gov. Shekarau Plotted the Assasination of Sheikh Ja’afar.

Although it is now two years, the corrupt
Nigerian Police Force in connivance with
the political authorities in Abuja and
Kano has deliberately refused to release
even the preliminary report about who actually
plotted the politically motivated assassination of
one of Nigerian’s foremost and respected Islamic
Scholar, late Sheikh Ja’afar Mahmud Adam. The
Islamic scholar was murdered while leading the
Subhi prayers in his Kano residential Mosque on
Friday April 13, 2007. We can authoritatively reveal
that the former administration of Chief Olusegun
Obasanjo under the then Inspector General of
Police Mr. Sunday Ehindero, the Kano State
Emirate Council under His Royal Highness Alhaji
Ado Bayero and indeed the Kano State Government
knows why Sheikh Ja’afar Mahmud Adam was
assassinated in cold-blood and indeed the sponsor
of this dastardly assassination.
We can confirm from the overwhelming evidence
gathered during the period under review that the
Kano State Governor, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau,
who is supposedly an advocate of the Sharia
implementation through an expensive programme
called A Daidaita Sahu and the creation of the
Hisbah group through which billions of naira in
Kano State wealth was wasted and siphoned, was
the one that plotted and sponsored the cold-
blooded assassination of the late Islamic Cleric. It
has become clear that prior to the April 2007
gubernatorial election which saw Governor
Shekarau in a desperate and frantic effort to return
as governor for the second time by all means, the
late Sheikh Ja’afar had become one of the most
visible threat capable of making it impossible for
Mallam Shekaru to get re-elected. Considering the
late cleric’s large followership, his authority and
the influence he commands in Kano State and
beyond, Shekarau realized that his disagreement
with Sheikh Ja’afar may cause him his ambition to
rule Kano State beyond 2007 and therefore the
need to plot a permanent solution against the cleric
became inevitable. That was how the plot to
eliminate Sheikh Ja’afar from the face of the earth
was conceived, orchestrated and executed.
The unprecedented orgy of murderous rampage at
both Panshekara, the headquaters of Federal Road
Safety Commission as well as in Sharada Police
Station where innocent souls were mercilessly
murdered few days before the brutal assassination
of Sheikh Ja’afar were organised to cover the plan
of his assasination and to eventually justify that his
murder was not politically motivated and that it
was perpetrated by rival Islamic sect.
Unfortunately for the Shekarau government, there
was no evidence even after the assassination to
suggest or to agree with the police and the Kano
State Governemnt that the attack was carried out
by an unknown rival Islamic Sect. The
sophistication of the assasins and the automatic
AK47 they used against Sheikh Ja’afar clearly
shows that they were paid to kill the Islamic
Scholar. And if the attack was perpetrated by a
rival Islamic sect as the authorities insinuate and
fabricated, all the faithfulls in the mosque would
have been killed. But their target was only Sheikh
Ja’afar and as soon as they were satisfied that he
did not survive the multiple gun shots, they left the
Misunderstanding between Mallam Ibrahim
Shekarau and late Sheikh Ja’afar became sour
when the late Scholar realised that Governor
Shekarau was not sincere about the
implementation of Shariah and that he uses the
Hisba Board as a conduit pipe thereby making
nonsense of the Islamic legal system. The
irreconcilable disagreement forced Sheikh Ja’afar
to resign his appointment as a member of the
Hisbah Board and since then, he became a
consistent critic of Shekarau’s unislamic conduct
and mismanagement of the public resources by
accusing him of using Islam to deceive and
mislead the people. It has not, ofcourse, gone
down well with Shekarau who began to look for
several options of dealing with Sheikh Ja’afar.
Attempts to make him compromise through
inducement had also failed.
What probably caused Jafar his life was his
decision and threat at the peakk of the election
season to expose the massive financial scam
carried out through the Hisbah by Mallam
Shekarau. The late scholar had also accused
eminent clerics of benefitting so much against
Islam and the masses and threatened to expose
the huge scam. That was what caused him his life
because Govenror Shekarau knew that the late
cleric as a former privileged member of the Hisbah
board was in possession of damaging dossiers and
he was fully convinced that Sheikh Ja’afar had the
moral credibility to convince and change the
opinion of the people of Kano against him. Having
tried him several times, Shekarau also knew that
Sheikh Ja’afar was not the kind of cleric that can
be compromised with financial inducement. That
was how the decision to eliminate him was taken.
Mallam Shekarau had tried unsuccessfully to
induce Sheikh Ja’afar like he has done to other
Islamic clerics but couldn’t get him. Even the
hitherto vocal chairman of the Supreme Council for
Sharia Dr. Datti Ahmed was bribed and
compromised by Shekarau when the former
insisted on exposing the killers of the cleric. Since
then, Dr. Datti remained quiet and abandoned the
In fact, among all the national dailies in Nigeria
particularly the northern based ones, only the
Desert Herald newspaper that was bold enough to
criticize the Kano State Governor and the Nigerian
Police Force regarding the assasiantion of late
Sheikh Ja’afar. The recent edition of Desert Herald
which were cleverly indirect because of the
dictatorial and murderous tendencies of the
government, shows clearly the people that were
responsible for the murder of Sheikh Ja’afar.
Nigeria is the only country where leaders will
commit all kinds of crimes openly yet the people
will be afraid to say the truth because of fear or
greed. As clearly demonstrated in the confessional
statement below, the contract for the assassination
of Sheikh Ja’afar Mahmud Adam was awarded to
one Alhaji Abba Gana by Governor Ibrahim
Shekarau at the cost of one hundred million naira.
It was Alhaji Abba Gana that contracted one
Mallam Tijjani Garba who was already widely
known as a hired killer by the police authorities to
execute the plot at the cost of fifty million naira.
The Job was successfully carried out by Tijjani
Garba but the police under the then leadership of
Mr. Sunday Ehindero uncovered the plot after it
was executed and threatened to expose the
scandal if Governor Shekarau failed to under take a
bargain. It was monetary as well as a political
bargain. And the former president Olusegun
Obasanjo was fully involved and co-opted.
When Governor Shekarau leant that Tijjani Garba
have made a confessional statement in the force
headquarters and incriminated him, he immediately
contacted Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and began to
penetrate the force Headquarters through his ADC.
We reliably gathered that Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau
gave another sum of one hundred million naira
through his ADC to Mr. Ehindero to destroy all
incriminating confession and documents that
showed his involvement and to thereafter frustrate
the case.
Chief Obasanjo was also approached by Shekarau
to assist in killing the case. it is a well known fact
in security circles that the former president who
was directly or indirectly involved in the
assassinations of Chief Bola Ige, Harry Marshal
and Chief Chuba Okadigbo. He demanded Shekarau
to ensure that Umaru Musa Yar’Adua won the 2007
presidential election in Kano by all means as a
condition of his intervention. Chief Obasanjo out
rightly told Shekarau that he must ensure that
General Muhammadu Buhari is defeated in Kano
and asked the governor to decamp to the PDP.
While the governor pleaded no to do the latter, he
accepted and work vigorously against General
Buhari at the presidential polls. We can also
authoritatively report that Governor Shekarau
because of similar reason also accepted to fund
the Yar’Adua Campaign including printing and
placement of bill boards. That was the reason he
went against General Buhari and not because of
his disagreement with the former General as he
claimed in interviews.
Alhaji Abba Gana who was directly contracted by
Governor Shekarau to kill Sheikh Ja’afar and who
subsequently contracted the job to an expert,
Tijjani Garba, also handles Shekarau’s illegal
businesses. Abba Gana was once arrested in
London with the sum of ten million pounds
belonging to Governor Shekarau on his way to
deposit the money at HSBC Bank London and
Royal Bank of Scotland. The money laundering
scandal was later referred to Nigeria but the police
took advantage of the situation, benefited
immensely and frustrated the case. It was among
the reasons the then Chairman of the EFCC, Mallam
Nuhu Ribadu indicted and disqualified Shekarau but
he was eventually rescued by Chief Obasanjo
because of the sealed deal of ensuring Yar’Adua’s
victory in Kano by all means.
Governor Ibrahim Shekarau is believed to have
diverted over thirty billon naira belonging to the
Kano State Government and through the local
Government Joint Account in Six years through
fraudulent programmes like the Hisbah and A
Daidaita Sahu. While he has also generated billions
of naira internally, what he had done so far is not
commensurate with the billions of naira he has
collected. He had become so dictatorial, autocratic
and deceptive over the years.
What remains to be seen is serious efforts by the
Nigerian authorities to investigate the Volume of
allegations and confessional statements which
openly confesses the involvement of Mallam
Ibrahim Shekarau in brutal murder of Sheikh
Ja’afar . May be not in the present dispensation
because President Yar’Aua has not yet
commenced even the process of doing justice to
the innocent souls of imminent Nigerians like Dr.
Chuba Okadigbo, Chief Harry Marshal, Sheikh
Ja’afar Mahmud Adam and Chief Bola Ige that were
snuffed out by his predecessor. Being a
beneficiary of Shekarau’s largesse coupled with
the electoral fraud in his favour in Kano, Yar’Adua
is also not likely to investigate Shekarau’s glaring
involment in the murder of Sheikh Ja’afar.
But from the evidence so far before the Nigerian
Police and which were distorted, the present Kano
State Governor, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau is the
masterminder of Sheikh Ja’afar Mahmud Adam’s
assassination and it was purely for political
reasons. But for how long will he remain as the
governor of Kano State? Watch out for more
*Citizen Reports are not directly investigated,
verified or vetted by Saharareporters


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