Is Sex Before Marriage a Proof of Love?

One of the greatest headaches of many young
ladies in relationship is the issue of sex. While
they find themselves entangled in love, they also
would not want to offend Allah by fornicating.
Meanwhile, most young men of today are always
demanding sex before marriage as a proof of
If a lady denies her boyfriend (fiance) sex,he
tends to think she either does not love him or
she is seeing another guy. And this throws the
lady into so much confusion.
She genuinely loves the guy but wouldn’t want to
give in to sex. If she denies him, she may lose
him and if she gives in, she disobeys Allah. Sorry
to our ladies.
Gentleman, please know that it is absolutely a lie
from the pit of hell that if your fiancee does not
give you sex it shows she doesn’t love you.
How can you use sex as a LOVEOMETRE?
Have you never slept with ladies you didn’t truly
If you haven’t then let me tell you that many
people are having sex with people they never
love. And the men are themselves the worst
If sex is a proof of love then we have to
conclude that prostitutes love all the men they
sleep with. If sex is a proof of love then we have
to go about sleeping with our best friends and
even family members to show how deeply we
love them.
Even married couples, do not have sex to prove
their love. They rather have sex because sex is
part of marriage and it is meant for both
procreation and recreation – child birth and
enjoyment. Don’t you know that there are
married couples who are not genuinely in love
but they still have sex as a matter of duty or just
for cover-ups?
Surely, sex plays a major role in love affairs.
It’s said “For everything there is a season…” It is
never the right season to have sex in a
This is because sex is a blood covenant between
husband and wife not boyfriend and girlfriend.
It was said “Adam knew his wife”. It does not
say “Adam knew his girlfriend”.
Stop going that far with the lady. If you want to
know about a woman’s love for you, sex is never
the answer. Leave her alone to serve Allah right
for your own sake if you truly want to marry her.
The gazelle is a very swift animal. It runs at
least 96 km per hour. Romance is compared to
the gazelle.
If you start romance at the wrong time you may
crush because you will not be able to stop it
from running your life at top speed.
So until you are married, don’t AWAKEN
LOVE.Sex has been the main reason for most
broken hearts and disappointments.
Sex is called love-making because it involves the
body, soul and spirit. Do you want your soul and
spirit to be tied to somebody who is not married
to you? Can you stand the consequences,
“Sex before marriage can destroy you, even your
Religious life. The funny thing is that it is the
Brothers who are always worrying the Sisters for
You are a servant of Allah, so don’t waste your
energy on women. You should rather be teaching
her chastity and help her serve Allah well.
Take it easy man! When you get married, you will
be fed up with sex.
Your wife will be chasing you with it and you will
be running away, saying, “Oh I’m tired, why?”.
Take time okay, there is more sleep after
death.How many rounds do you want? Wait
patiently.It will soon be laid at your doorstep and
you will notice how stupid it is to chase sex
when you are not married.
If you want a woman to prove her love to
you,allow her some space to be herself. Do not
force your will on her or control her. Her love,by
nature, will push her to do things that will signal
to you that you are her top priority. She will be
ready to marry you, than just have fun with you.
She will not be interested in you showering
things on her but rather, she would want both of
you to set your life and future right. She will
support your dreams and visions and help you
build up your Religious life. Infact, she will
exhibit the spirit of humility and you will also
discover she is a precious jewel in a glass jar,
reserved for you alone.
So from today, even if she herself brings sex, tell
her…”Do not awaken love until it is time.” And if
you guys love each other, plan about marrying
and submit your plans to Allah.
Allah will bless it and put you two together as
It’s funny how we wanna Displease the Creator
and please his creations. Fear the day you will
finally meet your lord cuz no one can save you
from his punishment. Plz Share with all the
gents and ladies…who knows, you might just
stop someone from disobeying Allah, right now!
Jazakallahu khair for understanding .


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