Yobe School Massacre: The Positive Litmus Test. It is either the government doesn’t want to fight or it’s the government that is doing the act.

This sorrowful and heinous crime can never escape unpunished. It is a divine assurance. However, If now any one will only condemn and condole yet desist from doing or suggestion ways to get out of this mess while capable of doing so, then such a person is an accomplice to this heinous crime.
The FG should bear the responsibility in many ways. One, because too much of its endeavor goes to rhetoric.
Secondly, nepotism and mediocrity is evident in selection of military chiefs and commanders. This is the greatest morale destroyer among fighting officers and men. Thirdly, the whole saga – i.e the insecurity- arms the government in syphoning trillions of naira that is not auditable – it will then be difficult to absolve motives.
A ragtag army of semi-illiterates coming full in 9 Hilux Toyota vehicles, wearing soldiers’ uniforms carrying out a bloody rampage and massacre for about 5 hours just a day after the withdrawal of the army from the area says a lot. The Litmus Test is Positive.
It is either the government doesn’t want to fight or it’s the government that is doing the act. Whichever way it’s deplorable. In case of the former, it’s still a criminality for failing to act appropriately and adequately. As for the later, no comment is needed.
The security has to start looking inwards. Within them is the concealed ‘BH’ command structure while the local BH are just pawns. They should stop castigating innocent people especially scholars and political opponents. With billions of dollars missing from the government coffers and an empty military with virtually no intelligence, reconnaissance helicopters, drones, infiltrated agents etc while in a military state of emergency, the test is positive.
This war is fought secretly and if we continue this secretive way where even the press is left in the dark, the least is that a big room is left for avoidable conspiracy theories from both sides of the divide. There are idiots that think BH was a northern politician’s plot to destabilize GEJ government by killings its kind both Muslims and Christians. Others believe it’s the Biafran ‘revenge’, so let there be a balanced and proportional representation in the armed forces as low as a Recee group. Select people that are of nil interest in the case to fight it out. Remove NE, SS and SE commanders and soldiers from the scenario- to exclude any interest in the operations. Get the NW, NC and SW commanders and soldiers to fight it out. With Allah’ grace the whole truth will surface and the evil will be flushed out.
May Allah see us all through this trial.


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