Love is complicated!
It can twist your brain, it can make your heart to boil with panic, it can make you do all the things you have never thought of most especially when it’s true.
According to me i say Love is like a “JOINT BANK ACCOUNT” were both partners have to be depositing Care, trust, communication, respect, patience, forgiveness, understanding and many more every day.
When one partner is not depositing any of the above it can lead to the closure of the account. In other wards a “Break up”
Love is a game and remember in the game there has to be a “loser and a winner” at the end. A draw is when both of you equally love each other.
So never aim at making your Boyfriend or Girlfriend to be a loser. Value their heart, time and care because many people out there wish they were loved by her/him and they admire everything your lover does for you.
Think about it and always think twice before you do or say something to your lover because it can result into a terrible situation that you have never thought of in your life.

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