Is wishing someone happy birthday Haram?

Assalaamu Alaycum,
I saw alot of muslims wishing each other happy birthdays and I’ve allows thought this is wrong in Islam, offcourse I know that celebrating birthdays is haram, but i haven’t got clear answer about wishing someone it,
I would assume its wrong, but I then see practicing muslims on social sites wishing people happy birthdays, which confuses me again.
Can someone give me a clear answer on this topic?
Jazakumullah khair


2 Replies to “Is wishing someone happy birthday Haram?”

  1. Brother what ever Prophet (PBUH) brings we shall consider it as SUNNAH.
    As Quran said 59:6.

    Prophet Muhammad (SAW) takes fasting every Monday. To every Muslims this is Sunnah while if every Muslim will take his day of Birth to celebrating it, then he deviated from what Our beloved (SAW) come with.
    And this is the character of Unbelievers & Prophet (SAW) said do not emitated unbelievers.

    Lastly Almighty Allah Said in the Holy Quran 5:2
    SO if celebrating someone’s birthday is good SAHABA wil


  2. Asalaam ualaikum, there is no harm in celebrating a birthday in the sense that one reflects upon what they have done that year. And to Mark the day as something special is a sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad pbuh, who when asked why he fasted on Monday replied because I was born on a Monday and I got revelation on a Monday.

    The birthdays of the Prophets and righteous servants are mentioned in the Qur’an itself! Allah recounts the events and details the blessings found in and lessons derived from the births of Sayyidina Yahya (Qur’an: 3:38-41, 19:2-15), Sayyidina Isa (Qur’an: 3:42-48, 19:16-34), Sayyida Maryam(Qur’an: 3:33-37) and so on. Allah also details in the Holy Qur’an how Isa celebrated his own birthday when he said: ‘and peace be upon me the day I was born…’ [19:33].

    So overall as long as nothing haram is happening there is no issue at all.


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